Wednesday, December 28, 2016

MEme traveled in stead of Corina Duyn who was housebound due to ME/CFS

small stuffed penguin among her travel diaries
MEme among her travel diaries

Dear readers of the MEme diaries
For the past few years, Corina was not able to share pages from my diaries but she is determent to change all that in the coming year.

The new smart phone technology will make it easier to share my adventures here with you!
In stead of Corina having to put each page under the scanner, a labour-some job, she can no simply take a photo on her smartphone  (which she resisted for years to buy... ) and upload them on my page!
Happy days!

I might even get the travel bug again!

Thank you for your patience.
And for new readers, please see my introduction page and read some of the pages that were uploaded years ago... and perhaps sign up for new posts? You can do that via the 'sign up for email' box on the top right on the page.

Looking forward to have your company and Please, let me know you were here.

Lots of love from me.
M.E. me

two stuffed toys on a mini couch
my Chilean girlfriend Chuletta and me, Meme
ten small travel diaires from stuffed toy MEme
All my diaries!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Further afield!

 MEme took part in a sponsored walk with Self Help Ireland in Eritrea. A wonderful adventure, which really does warrant a large blog post of it's own.

 Other adventures abroad were in Canada, where she visited Corina's brother and sister in law. She spend time in a school for special needs in Kelowna.
... and was 'kidnapped' (with permission) by friends of friends, to go on a holiday to Newfoundland.
She even had her own seat in the airplane

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A quick MEme tour around the world

For now, a few snapshots of MEme's Diaries.
More detailed adventures to follow.


Visiting friends in Kenmare, Co Kerry, where MEme took part in the
"Colour me Beautiful"- Barbie- Party

A big night out in Holland!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family visit

After a visit to the beach on Youghal, MEme travelled on to Corina's sister Ina in Co. Roscommon.
She spend a lot of time with the dog Una... who always thinks it is time for cookies...

This lovely cottage is surrounded by a lovingly created garden.

 Lots of work to do in the house....
 MEme had a party on 4th October, which in Holland is Animal Day. She, and Una had a white ribbon around their necks, with the Irish shamrock printed on it.
Here in the photo we are on the way to pick up Corina's mother "Oma" from Bunratty. Oma is coming for a visit. She had already been visiting Corina's brother in Kenmare.

Oma and I are having a long chat here and Oma made me a lovely red coat!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pub crawl, Picasso and the Seaside

 A visit to Cork, minutes out of my travel-box- straight to the pub!

Saw a bit of cultural Cork city too, with a visit the the Picasso Exhibition.
Lucky me!

Back to the pub... in the sunshine!
Was brought on the bus to Youghal for a spot of sunbathing and a lovely picnic!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horseriding in Knockperry

Sometime in August, I made it to my next destination, Knockperry in Co. Tipperary, where I was welcomed by friends, 3 day old chicks, ducklings, and my host's daughter who took very good care of me.
 One of the days we went to the Bansha Fair where I saw a Russian Cossack horse rider. Although I had a deep desire to go horse riding while in Knockerry, I hoped that it wouldn't be anything like the acrobatic stuff I'd seen at the fair!
I spend a lot of time listening and engaging with a Japanese friend of my host, and learned about the cultural differences between the two cultures, but also learned about 'how to deal with ragowrth' (so far they pull it out, ... every day!)

Grainne had her first day in school today, and I went horse riding!!!!!

To finish my holiday, I was brought along to an exhibition of prize winners of the RDS Craft Exhibition, which was held in Clonmel. One item, a bust with wings on it, was very inspiring and made me think about what one could do if we had wings! 
Thinking about arts and crafts... the Japanese girl is very good at origami, which is their traditional craft....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Diary number 1

MEme's first travels were to Mitchelstown Co. Cork (Ireland) 
She enjoyed eating fish, buying Darina Allen honeycomb Icecream, and sleeping in a wild purple and pink bedroom. She was a little disappointed that there were no nights out to niteclubs and meeting likeminded penguins 'with a view of friendhip, romance and ...' Whom she did meet were two spiders, and a rather bixarre dog who walked like his legs were made of tubular steel. "He displays his friendhsip by staring at me with a smile on his face."
Walking was something she did enjoy: