Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horseriding in Knockperry

Sometime in August, I made it to my next destination, Knockperry in Co. Tipperary, where I was welcomed by friends, 3 day old chicks, ducklings, and my host's daughter who took very good care of me.
 One of the days we went to the Bansha Fair where I saw a Russian Cossack horse rider. Although I had a deep desire to go horse riding while in Knockerry, I hoped that it wouldn't be anything like the acrobatic stuff I'd seen at the fair!
I spend a lot of time listening and engaging with a Japanese friend of my host, and learned about the cultural differences between the two cultures, but also learned about 'how to deal with ragowrth' (so far they pull it out, ... every day!)

Grainne had her first day in school today, and I went horse riding!!!!!

To finish my holiday, I was brought along to an exhibition of prize winners of the RDS Craft Exhibition, which was held in Clonmel. One item, a bust with wings on it, was very inspiring and made me think about what one could do if we had wings! 
Thinking about arts and crafts... the Japanese girl is very good at origami, which is their traditional craft....

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